About Stant

What is STANT? It’s a concept which came out of a simple need of identification with the passion we have for longboarding. Just like that. Of course, quality, proper materials and fair trade are all a part of the idea, but the main reason was and will always be longboarding, good flow, landing tricks and having a great time with your friends.

In our products you will find hours spent on debating about added value, comfortable cuts and shenanigans from everyday life of longboard Rats, which we totally are. Basically for us, STANT is an idea where the obvious and unobvious meets, with no regard where the world is going at the moment.

About Us

We are a group of friends hooked up by longboarding. Our day-to-day is as regular as it can be, school, work, evening skate sessions with the homies, events, trips and that ongoing process of ‘I think I need new ”. Where is STANT in all of that? Everywhere ...and that’s the point. We don’t want to be forced to divide our lives between passion time and other time. We are where we are, and longboarding is there with us. #forthesakeofskate


In our first collection we’ve decided to focus on searching for the balance between in the whole spectrum of longboarding. No matter if it’s cruising on crooked sidewalks, nailing bigspins, throwing toesides, going downhill or just chilling on a trip looking at the stars. STREET & TRIP is a concept, where classic meets sport with a pinch of the longboarding lifestyle we live. To be honest, we don’t know if it’s the “everything fits all” kind of deal, but hey, if so then why not.

Basically, not everything turned out as planned in the beginning. A lot of ideas evolved. Some of them drowned and didn’t make it. But overall it’s something that we really dig and look forward to where this adventure will take us. If you’re interested as well, check our more in the products tab.