Name: Agata Małek
Hometown: Warsaw
Stance: Regular
Style: Dancing x Freestyle
Support: Eternity Longboards, Remember Collective, Luxetruckco

Longboarding has dropped into my life by accident. I got it as a birthday gift so of course the first year I kept it inside my closet before I finally decided that maybe it’s worth doing something with it. So it wasn’t love at first sight but it’s definitely love from first ride It literally turned my life upside down and flipped me over a few times as well Frankly I can’t even remember how it is not to have bruises on my legs anymore As most have already got a chance to see - unfortunate events have a huge crush on me and it keeps me company all the time. So beware once I’m around and remember that the bad doesn’t touch the evil. Those who are brave enough I invite to the Warsaw National Stadium by Plac Piłsudskiego at Bulwary Wiślane to one of the best longboarding spots in Warsaw. Come say hi and skate together, Agata.