What's going on ?

Everybody likes to do things at least a little bit their own way. Mostly because of that we learn best on our own mistakes and frankly, forming our own paths is a great environment for innovation. That’s why, like most of initiatives like ours, Stant was born because we wanted (and still want) to do things our way. Ok, let’s be honest, we don’t want to invent a new wheel and most certainly we don’t want to participate in that whole high fashion and streetwear chase. What we want, is to be able to express ourselves through clothing. We want to get connected with our passion for longboarding and show everybody how much it really means to us as skaters. Because let’s face it, longboarding took a huge part of our lives...and it made it freaking great. That’s why we want to mix everything up even more. Why not wear longboard related clothing when doing other stuff? Why not always stay in that awesome vibe of traveling, meeting new people and just sharing a common passion. Yeah, there is nothing against that, that’s why we are doing it!

This is why our brand was created. This is exactly what we mean by saying #forthesakeofskate. This is STANT, which by the way doesn’t mean anything as a word, but it’s something we believe in. For those who are more curious how we came up with that name, well it’s just an evolution of the word ‘stunt’. So we get it, you get it, but regular Joes on the street don’t get it. Pretty much the same as when they look at us longboarding.


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Let’s make a clothing brand

But again, entirely our own way. Not by printing cool slogans on stock t-shirts bought from somebody else. We wanted to design everything, 100%. And literally every sane person who we told our idea to, reacted pretty much the same, “you guys are screwed”. Yeah we had no idea of what’s about to happen, but to take on the approach of Larry Enticer “are you guys silly, I’m still gonna send it”.

So, we took on the old school approach and decided to put everything on quality. Because you know, prints, colors, cuts are always going to be a matter of taste - some will like it and some won’t. But quality. Good quality goes with everything and you either have it or not. For us, clothing is somehow a part od the equipment you use and let’s be honest, you can’t use bad quality equipment when longboarding right?

Cuts, projects, double stitching? Whaaat?

Everybody has their own favourite things. Favourite colour, favourite mug, favourite dish. Usually when we start doing something, sooner or later we’ll end up liking some stuff more than other, and some of that favoured stuff will become a sort of determinant for the future. The same is with clothing. We’ve always thought of if that way. When we go to skate trips we pick our favourite t-shirts, hoodies and so on. We want them because we like them the most. Sometimes because they bring memories and sometimes because they are the most comfortable. No matter why, most of us will have their favourite things which sometime grant you added +10 to being fearless when going big. And you never know when an extra +10 might come in handy.  

So, what was one of the first steps when designing our own stuff? You’re right. We just dug out every piece of clothing we used as our favourite ones. Then we sat there and discussed every item for hours thinking what makes it so special. Why do I pick that t-shirt over others? What makes this hoodie the best? Longer or shorter, wider or slimmer, this or that. Full brainstorm.

After that it was pretty much downhill...and then a bit of flat...and some uphill...and downhill again...and it has been like that since day one. We love it.

By the way, the whole longboard Rat concept is so obvious that we feel it doesn’t even need explaining, right?


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So. After analytics we’ve decided to go into two different cuts. Mostly because we prefer our clothing a bit different depending on whether we’re on the streets, where it’s simple and clean or on a skate trip where you’re surrounded by nature and you just need something comfy.

Street & Trip

Same goal but different approaches. Street - a classic urban style, where you want straight cuts, unity of materials and some cleanness just built into it. Trip - you know it, friends, nature, tents under the sky and freedom above all. Comfort from head to toes.


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So we have t-shirts made of 100% cotton in classic shape and other ones called Impact, in which we have used a little bit thicker fabric with added elastane. Everything to make the t-shirts work with your body and be more resistant when falling down. Also we have hoodies, crewnecks and specially designed socks, to make them functional and comfortable for riding.

Core business and whatnot

Ok, we got quality, we have an idea for the cuts, we got the Rat and everything, so what’s next? How do we present our vision but without those cheesy slogans about freedom and stuff. We thought, why not do a little wordplay. Because who in the right mind will know what cored wheels means. Nobody from outside of longboarding right? So we’ve decided to go one more step into the longboading-life inception. That is how we came up with wordplay like Core business, Cross step or Thumbs up. For regular Joes those are just some slogans, which may mean something but given the graphic under it might seem confusing. For longboarding freaks it will mean everything. I mean come on, who amongst the downhill fans don’t know what thumbs up means when ding a paws down run. Adding the rat to all of this we came up with a pretty funny way to show our world.


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It all started to make sense

Quality, identification, designed by skaters for skaters. It all came down to “just” doing it. And for everyone who ever started producing anything, it’s pretty obvious. Shit went down with loads of fuckups...but we had to stick with the plan and power through. We single handedly picked all of the materials and used our own hands to do everything that we could. From skaters to skaters - cheesy but so true! Thanks to that we can honestly sy that our products are original. We designed them and we made them from scratch. You won’t find anything like that anywhere. For us it was important from the start because good equipment is crucial. So are good clothes, which are apart of that. And don’t let anybody tell you anything else, just pick the best and don’t care about the rest!

Ok so what’s up

Just the usual of a small brand. Photos, which were made possible thanks to our awesome longboarding family. A page in the Internet, facebook instagram, all of that - check them out. Events where we try to support the skating scene. And what’s most important, full stoke, lot’s of awesome people who support and trusted us, great team of riders, which we call our family and so many many many dreams to make hopefully possible thanks to being true to what we believe in.


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And what’s next

Oh we have big plans. Huge plans to be honest. We are picking up speed and as the brands is more known here and there we want to give back as much as possible to the scene and the community. We’re going to get more people involved in the team, some big names this year for sure (soon soon). A whole new approach to the graphics, new products, new events...we just don’t want to stop moving.
After a year of operating we can honestly say that thanks to hard work and dedication we are now a part od the scene and with that attitude we want to continue bringing the highest quality with fair trade products and skaters approach to the idea of running a small brand. So check us out and what’s most important, give us feedback, always. When you see us somewhere drop by to say hi and to chill. But most importantly, skate safe and keep in touch.






Thanks and see you on the spot!

Stant CREW


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